Precooked Onions - a remarkably cost effective way to enhance your recipes


There are so many advantages over fresh and frozen onions and you’ll be astonished at the low cost.

  • Already cooked reducing cooking times in your factory.
  • As we have already cooked it, we have taken out water by cooking, so we are transporting less water and you are buying less water.
  • Just open the bag and you have already saved 20 min cooking.
  • Our factory are the biggest precooked onion processors in the world. We know what we’re doing!
  • BRC accredited
  • Stored ambient (no frozen storage required) If you are using frozen you don´t need to wait until defrost anymore.
  • 18 months shelf life.
  • 7 days shelf life in fridge once bag is opened,
  • Consistent quality
  • Same price all year around
  • No Bacteria (sterile product)
  • Great Flavour; the delicious onion aroma is locked-in during cooking
  • 100% usable= No waste
  • Available in bag-in- box, drums and pelecons

Samples, technical data and prices available on request.

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