Let's think about adding and not taking away


John F Kennedy famously once said, "Ask not what your brownie can do for you; ask what you can do for your brownie!" (or something very similar).

Putting it another way, in a world where we seem to be obsessed with removing ingredients from our favourite meals, why not do something radical like adding something to give it that twist, lift or flavour flair, that can make all the difference.

To stay in line with the whole point, which is healthy eating, whatever you are putting in needs to have that feel-good factor.

Gluten has a bad press, so there's no point taking a gluten-rich product and stuffing some more in.

Similarly, it's got to be universally accessible. A bit of exogenous pectinmethylesterase infusion before thermal processing to improve the texture somehow doesn't have that sexy feel to make you start reaching for the creative recipe manual.

But what about figs to flapjacks, green lentils to salad, almonds to brownies or chic-peas to curry?

It's easy for everyone to understand the benefits of fibre, vitamins or protein, and therefore doesn't take much explaining.

So the time has come.

In the words that Winston Churchill may have used, "We shall fricassee the peaches, we shall mix in the almond grounds "; ok I think you've got the message.

Healthy eating is all very important, but it shouldn't be mutually exclusive with taste. Bon appetite!

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