at Terry Foods we've got things covered


The heatwave is still with us. The sun is shining (mostly) and there's blue skies over the white cliffs.

But don't worry, there's plenty of time for the rain to start falling, which is the well-worn tradition of the Wimbledon fortnight.

Luckily, at Terry Foods we've got things covered either way. 

The fruit is drying out nicely and we have some great offers. It probably can't compete with fresh strawberries and cream, 

but our dried fruit ranges from Sultanas to Papaya, with some Apple to serve up an extra treat!

Alternatively, if the skies are grey and rain is threatening play, you could rally round with some protein - pea protein to be precise. It's ace!

So whether you're rooting for FedEx Federer, Super Serena or you just want to shout at a line judge, call Terry Foods on 01782 366415

and we'll make sure there's no pigeons strutting their stuff on your court.

Remember, you may only live once, but in tennis you get to serve twice!

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